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In October 2014, the FGM NCG has launched a presentation film of our work. Please visit the "About Us" page to view this film.

FGM National Clinical Group 2020 Conference

On Tuesday 4th February 2020, the FGM National Clinical Group will be holding its next conference on the theme: FGM has no place in this world. Taking place at the Village Hotel in Coventry, our conference will include presentations and round-table discussions. Medical and health practitioners, academics and individuals interested in the subject are invited to attend.

There is no fee to attend this event.
Times: 9:30 - 16:00
Location: Village Hotel, Coventry Business Park, Dolomite Lane, Coventry CV4 9GZ
To register your attendance, please contact us:

Frequently Asked Questions

The FGM National Clinical Group receives a number of requests about FGM-related information, and the work of the group on a regular basis.
In the first instance, we recommend reading the following information by clicking on the applicable tab.
If your enquiry hasn't been answered, please contact us directly.

    Information for Journalists & Politicians

    The FGM National Clinical Group was founded in 2004 by Yana Richens (Consultant Midwife) and Sarah Creighton Consultant Gynaecologist.

    The group has two main aims:

    1. To improve services for women whom have undergone FGM and are living in the UK, through education and training of health care professionals.
    2. To lobby for an accurate figure of women living in the UK who have undergone FGM

    For Press Enquiries

    If you have any enquires please contact the Charity Secretary Gaynor Thomas at E-mail:

    We are not able to put journalists in touch with women whom have undergone FGM.
    Information for Students

    Students do you have an interest in FGM?
    Did you know that the Government have produced a statement opposing FGM?
    Do you know about the devastating health consequences of FGM?
    What care and support is are available for women who have undergone FGM?
    Would you like more information or resources?
    Do you want to know the latest news?

    You may wish to access the following background reading:

    • FGM NCG Annual Conferences (see website news)
    • FGM National Clinical Group Educational DVD on how to perform de-infibulation of an FGM. Launched January 2010
    • IRCH (2009) Responding to FGM in Europe
    • RCN (2006) FGM: An RCN educational resource for nursing and midwifery staff. Royal College of Nursing, London
    • FGM Zero Tolerance Days (annually on 6th February)
    • REPLACE (2012) FGM Toolkit for working with communities
    • Momoh, C (2005) Female Genital Mutilation, Radcliffe Medical Press.

    The FGM NCG educational lead (Elinor Clarke) has produced some learning materials, relevant reading and resources to help you.
    Please contact: if you require further information.
    Information for Women/Girls

    As highlighted in our aims and objectives, we offer training and education around Female Genital Mutilation-FGM (also known as Female Circumcision, Female Cutting). We have convened several conferences on the same subject unfortunately we do not offer “SERVICES” for FGM but we can signpost you. You may require advice/service regarding the following:

    • If you want to be ‘opened up’ before your wedding as you browse our website, then speak to your GP or go to Well Women Clinic and you will be directed to the nearest Clinic.
    • Are you having problem in getting pregnant because you are ‘circumcised’. Do not be despair. Please speak to your GP or go to Well Women Clinic in your area and you will be referred to a Gynaecologist who can help.
    • Are you pregnant and worried about what might happen when you have your baby? Please speak to your midwife or GP as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed. You can be offered de-infibulation between 20-27 weeks but you will need to discuss this with your midwife or doctor.
    • For further information about FGM and your local services/clinics please contact FORWARD they will be able to advise and direct you to the nearest clinic to where you live.
    • Are you are aware of anyone in your community planning to circumcise a girl or taking her abroad for the procedure? Please save this girl from the “harmful tradition”. Please contact this confidential number now — NSPCC helpline FGM telephone: 0800 028 3550, or e-mail:

    Although group members are professionals, Specialists, Advisors and Academia and have in-depth knowledge of Female Genital Mutilation, unfortunately we cannot advise you as we do not have a resource centre for information and advice.

    If you want information or advice on any of the above you can contact:

    Suite 2.1 Chandelier Building, 2nd Floor, 8 Scrubs Lane, London NW10 6RB
    Telephone: +44(0)20 8960 4000, or +44(0)20 8960 4014

    Black Women's Health and Family Support
    1st Floor, 82 Russia Lane, Bethnal Green, London E2 9LU
    Telephone: +44(0)20 8980 3503, or +44(0)20 8980 6314
    Website: www.bwhafs.comt

    ACCM (UK)
    King's House, 245 Ampthill Road, Bedford, Bedfordshire MK42 9AZ
    Telephone: +44(0)1234 356 910
    Mobile: +44(0)77 1248 2568
    Information about Internships & Volunteering

    Thank you for your enquiry. The FGM National Group is a charitable organisation of volunteers, dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls through education, research and coordinated clinical networking. The FGM NCG does not have offices that we work out of, and does not hold clinics where we see patients; therefore, we are unable to provide opportunities for work experience or volunteering.

    If you would like to undertake voluntary work or, work experience we suggest that you contact your local trust / hospital or other organisations such as FORWARD who do provide opportunities for internship. You can contact them at: