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Conceived in 2007, the FGM National Clinical Group are a UK-based registered charity dedicated to working with women who have been affected by FGM and other related difficulties.

Completely independent and unfunded, we are committed to improving the lives of women and their daughters who are at risk of FGM via coordinated clinical networks and research.

As a multidisciplinary group of healthcare professionals, advisors and academia, we have previously hosted two thematic conferences and in 2010, launched a FGM resource film intended for specialists in the associated disciplines.

FGM National Clinical Group Film 2014

The FGM National Clinical Group film may be used for both public viewing and screenings. No part of this film may be edited in any way, and it must be shown in its entirety.

Click on the following links to download the film:

Low-res Format (640x360 / 26MB)
High-res Format (1280x720 / 79MB)

For other formats, please contact us directly.

Position Statement regarding clitoral reconstruction

The FGM National Clinical Group (FGM NCG) fully understand that women who have experienced female genital mutilation, genital cutting or “female circumcision” may wish to access surgery to restore or reconstruct the clitoris with the aim of changing the appearance of the circumcised genitalia and possibility of improved sexuality. We are aware of the research undertaken by Foldes (2012). We believe that for some women reconstruction may be beneficial.

The FGM NCG recognize that those women who have undergone clitoral reconstructive surgery are numerically small and that results are inconclusive. The FGM NCG also recognize the need for FGM women to have psychological & emotional support whilst exercising choice and control regarding their sexual health and well being.

Reference: Foldes P, Cuzin B, Andro A. Reconstructive surgery after female genital mutilation: a prospective cohort study. Lancet 2012; 380: 134–41.

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