Department of Health publishes two FGM support guidance documents

March 2015 - The British government's Department of Health has published two FGM support guidance documents.

Female Genital Mutilation Risk and Safeguarding: Guidance for professionals
This document provides guidance to support an NHS organisation when they are developing or reviewing safeguarding policies and procedures around female genital mutilation (FGM).

It can be used by health professionals from all sectors, particularly designated and named safeguarding leads, and local safeguarding children board members. It is based on existing best practice within the NHS.

It has been developed in partnership with health and social care professionals, and professional bodies.

All organisations must ensure that their approach to safeguarding against FGM is multi-agency and multi-disciplinary. They should work with partners in social services and the police.

Commissioning services to support women and girls with female genital mutilation
This document sets out what some elements of a successful and safe service to support women and girls with female genital mutilation (FGM) might look like. It has been developed in partnership with healthcare professionals currently involved in providing healthcare services, and it aims to highlight what commissioners might want to consider when developing a new service.

It can be used by any healthcare commissioners, by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), area teams and service development leads.

Both documents can be downloaded in the Literature section of our Resource Library.

The FGM NCG's Comfort Momoh MBE receives 100 Outstanding Nigerians in the UK award

March 2015 - In recognition as one of the 100 Outstanding Nigerians that are currently living or who have lived in the United Kingdom over the past 100 years, the Nigerian Centenary Awards (NCA UK 2014) chose FGM National Clinical Group's Comfort Momoh MBE as one of the award's recipients for her contribution to public service.

Here are some photographs from the award's gala event that was held in London:

Comfort being interviewed prior to the awards gala.

Comfort with guests upon receiving the award.

The 100 Outstanding Nigerians in the UK award.

FGM NCG Co-Founder and Midwife, Yana Richens is featured in the Medical Independent

March 2015 - FGM NCG Co-Founder and Midwife, Yana Richens was interviewed for the Medical Independent's article, "FGM: When the marginal enters the mainstream."

Click the link to read the full feature: Medical Independent.

FGM Prevention Programme Roadshow Series Announcement & Dates

February 2015 - Hosted by the Department of Health, NHS England and the Home Office, there will be a series of FGM prevention conferences taking place throughout England in February and March 2015.

Each event will provide an overview of the National FGM Prevention Programme, following on from the 2014 Girls Summit. This event will provide local clinicians, service providers, commissioners, local authorities and third sector agencies with the information they need to tackle FGM locally.

Furthermore, there will be a showcase of the work being developed to prevent FGM within Healthcare and related sectors, highlighting good local practice within the region. The Health Education England learning packages developed for clinicians to help them tackle FGM, provide advice and best practice for safeguarding processes will also be introduced. To assist local service commissioning we will outline a new framework for FGM services as well as detailing the outcomes from the FGM Prevalence data set and an overview of the forthcoming Enhanced data set to be launched in April 2015 within Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts and GP Practices.

The events are free to attend but spaces are limited.
Roadshow locations, dates and reservation information are listed below:

• Dartford, Kent - Tuesday 3rd February 2015 (Reserve your place)
• High Heaton - Wednesday 11 February 2015 (Reserve your place)
• Leeds - Tuesday 24th February 2015 (Reserve your place)
• London - Thursday 26th February 2015 (Reserve your place)
• Bristol - Thursday, 5 March 2015 (Reserve your place)
• Manchester - Thursday 12th March 2015 (Reserve your place)
• Birmingham - Tuesday 17th March 2015 (Reserve your place)
• Oxford - Thursday, 19 March 2015 (Reserve your place)

Tackling Female Genital Mutilation in Scotland Report Published

January 2015 - Conducted by the Scottish Refugee Council, and with the support of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the first detailed scoping study of the FGM practice in relation to Scotland has been published.

The investigation intends to identify populations potentially affected by female genital mutilation in Scotland; and explores interventions across the European Union (EU) in the areas of participation, prevention, protection and the provision of services, from which present a baseline of Scotland-specific data and recommendations for the development of a Scottish model of intervention.

The study was conducted by Helen Baillot, Nina Murray, Elaine Connelly and Dr Natasha Howard, with funding provided by the Scottish Government Equality Fund and Rosa – the UK Fund for Women and Girls.

The publication is available can be viewed by clicking the link below:

Tackling Female Genital Mutilation in Scotland (PDF)

Baroness Rendell launches new FGM NCG DVD

October 2014 - On 30th September, FGM National Clinical Group Patron, Baroness Rendell hosted the launch reception for the group's new DVD at the House of Lords in London.

Photos of the launch event can be viewed on our Facebook page: FGM NCG Facebook page.

Female Genital Mutilation Prevalence Dataset Workshop Follow-up

August 2014 - NHS England (London) and the FGM National Clinical Group held a Female Genital Mutilation Prevalence Dataset Workshop in London on the 30th July 2014.

This event brought clinical specialists, managers, heads of information and business intelligence, and data staff together to discuss the implementation of the Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) prevalence dataset. 17 different acute hospital trusts were also represented at the event.

The aims of the day programme were to provide an opportunity to share good practice, identify potential barriers and solutions to implementation of the dataset, across London.

FGM NCG member, Sarah Creighton gave an excellent presentation giving an overview of FGM and related issues. Sam Sibeko from the Health and Social Care Information Centre provided an introduction of the FGM Prevalence Dataset that is currently under development.

Both presentations are available below:

FGM Types and Identification by Sarah Creighton (PDF)
FGM Prevalence Dataset by Sam Sibeko (PDF)

Event Announcement: The FGM NCG will be co-hosting a national FGM-related conference in London this July.

May 2014 - Titled, Tackling Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation, the FGM National Clinical Group will be co-hosting a national conference on Wednesday 16th July 2014 in Central London.

The Tackling Honour Based Violence (HBV), Forced Marriage (FM) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Conference comes as forced marriage is criminalised in the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act and the government publishes its renewed action plan in A Call to End Violence against Women and Girls. Never has there been a more important time to come together in a multi-agency response to these critical issues.

Hear from the Minister for Crime Prevention and expert colleagues from police, health, local government, education, housing and the voluntary sector on driving forward partnership working to enable prevention, support and protection for victims and those at risk.

With current legislation under the spotlight, and with a focus on showcasing best practice, essential topics covered on the day include:

• Implementing the forced marriage legislation and assessing the impact on Forced Marriage Protection Orders (FMPOs)
• Removing the barriers that inhibit multi-agency working to enable early intervention and effective response strategies
• Developing secure support structures and future pathways for victims, vulnerable children and adults

Join experienced professionals from key agencies to benchmark your organisation against collective best practice and ensure that you are enabled to deliver effective, holistic services that safeguard vulnerable individuals.

Please note: Registered charities are entitled to the concessionary rate.

Click here for the event brochure: Download brochure (PDF)
Click here for registration: Registration

FGM NCG members and the British Health Minister discussed FGM on BBC London Radio

March 2014 - FGM National Clinical Group patron, Baroness Ruth Rendell and members Yana Richens and Juliet Albert recently joined British Health Minister, Jane Elison MP on BBC London Radio to raise issues about FGM, the necessity for the national government to take a stronger stance in preventing the practice, even though FGM is illegal in the UK.

FGM NCG members, Yana and Juliet with the British Health Minister, Jane Elison MP.

FGM NCG members, Ruth, Juliet, and Yana with presenters, Penny Smith and Paul Ross at BBC London Radio.

News Article: Met will prosecute parents who send their girls abroad to be ‘cut’

February 2013 - People who book flights to send girls abroad for genital mutilation operations will face prosecution in a new Met attempt to bring offenders to justice...

Read full article: London Evening Standard

News Article: High Level Meeting in Rome: Final Declaration calls for full and complete implementation of the UN Resolution Banning FGM Worldwide

February 2013 - The High-Level Meeting “Worldwide Ban on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)” concluded today in Rome with the adoption by consensus of a Final Declaration...

Read full article: No Peace Without Justice

2013 FGM NCG Conference Date and Location Announcement

July 2012 - The FGM National Clinical Group would like to announce that their 2013 conference will be taking place on Wednesday 6 March at the Blair Bell Centre, Liverpool Womens Hospital, Liverpool.

More details will be announced this Autumn.

FGM NCG Research Fellowship Opportunity

July 2011 - The FGM National Clinical Group has the pleasure of announced a new Research Fellowship position relating to the investigation of teachers' understanding of FGM.

Through a bursary of £6000 to assist in the delivery of the project and then concluded with a presentation at this year's FGM NCG's conference in Birmingham.

For full details of the opportunity: Research Fellowship Application.

"Yes We Ban" all forms of female circumcision petition

June 2011 - Through the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) and its partners, a petition has been created to campaign for a ban of all forms of FGM.

More information can be found on the RCOG's website.

Click here to sign the petition.

Event Announcement: EOW Conference 2011

May 2011 - The Eva Organisation for Women (EOW) are hosting a conference on the theme of FGM at the University of Leicester on Saturday 18 June 2011.

For more information, please visit the EOW website.

FGM NCG 2011 Conference details announced!

April 2011 - The theme for this year's conference shall be "FGM - Working in Partnership". Taking place at the Britannia Hotel in Birmingham on Wednesday 21 September 2011. Tickets will cost £50.

More details will be announced in due course.

British Government presents FGM Guidelines document for frontline professionals

February 2011 - Taken from the official press release:

SUPPORT to tackle Female Genital Mutilation

New guidelines will help frontline professionals such as nurses, doctors, teachers and social workers identify and prevent Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone announced today.

The guidelines, issued by the government to chairs of Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards, Directors of Children’s Services and Regional Directors of Public Health, will help professionals identify women and girls at risk and set out the practical steps that can be taken to protect them.

Speaking at a recent roundtable with local teachers, nursing staff, police officers, community leaders and survivors of FGM, Lynne Featherstone set out her vision for how central and local government, frontline staff and communities can all work together to end the cruel practice.

Minister for Equalities Lynne Featherstone said:

“I have seen first hand the effect this abhorrent crime can have on women and girls. This government is determined to put an end to it.

“The guidelines published today will help local authorities, charities and communities work together to prevent women and girls being subjected to this terrible abuse, and that those who have already suffered are given the appropriate care and support.

Hagir Ahmed survivor of FGM and Manor Gardens Advocate:

“I had the experience at the age of five or six. When you are a child you usually don’t remember things at that age but I remember. I remember being at a party and the people holding me down. My legs. My hands. My knees. And then I remember the practitioner with the knife.

“I don’t remember any anaesthetic. I just remember crying, crying and pleading. I was completely shattered, emotionally and physically.”

Joy Clarke, Lead Specialist Midwife at Whittington Hospital:

“When people migrate they take their customs with them and FGM is practiced in communities to keep those communities together. Because they love their children they continue to do it.

“Organisations like the Manor Gardens Advocacy Project are already doing good work to educate communities. I work with Manor Gardens to go out and run workshops with social workers and teachers in practising communities so they can recognise if a child is at risk. And I talk to parents about the physical and mental health implications and the law. In 99 per cent of cases this makes a difference but we need to revisit the families to make sure they have understood.”

Health Minister Anne Milton said:

"FGM is an extremely harmful practice that can cause long term psychological and physical harm, difficulty in giving birth and even infertility.

"These guidelines will help make sure that healthcare professionals are aware of the signs, symptoms and cultural issues that put women and girls at risk from this unacceptable practice. It will also help them to provide the most appropriate and sensitive care."

The guidelines have been developed across government departments in partnership with the Royal Colleges, FGM experts, charitable organisations and the Association of Chief Police Officers.

They will support frontline practitioners such as nurses, doctors, teachers and social workers to:

• identify and prevent further incidents;

• ensure that victims and potential victims receive the response and support they need; and

• provide a step-by-step practical guide to sensitively handling cases of FGM.

The guidelines document can be downloaded here: Foreign Office website.

Call for Papers: Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) within the EU

July 2010 - The Department of Geography, Environment and Disaster Management and Department of Psychology, Coventry University, 10th November 2010.

Within the past two decades most countries within the EU have passed legislation prohibiting the practice of FGM/C, and some have even gone further by making it illegal to take a child out of the country for the purpose of carrying out FGM/C. Nevertheless, the practice of FGM/C continues. Research conducted in African countries where the practice of FGM is most prevalent suggests that strongly held beliefs are responsible for perpetuating the practice. However, how relevant are these belief and social meanings associated with FGM/C in the ‘homeland’ to African communities in the EU? Furthermore, how do governments and policy makers within the EU effectively address the issue without further marginalising immigrant communities?

This one day conference will explore the cultural and social dynamics associated with FGM/C within the EU and discuss possible solutions to a complex and controversial issue.

Papers are invited to address one of the following themes:

• The recent announcements by the American and Australian medical associations of providing
clitoral nicking?

• Exploring the cultural and social dynamics of FGM/C

• Gendered power relations associated with FGM/C, particularly between young and older women

• Decision making processes relating to FGM/C

• Men’s involvement in stopping FGM/C

• The success and failures of the health and human rights discourse in tackling FGM

Abstracts should be no longer than 300 words and should be submitted via email or hard copy no later than 27th August 2010. Successful applicants will be notified by 20th September 2010.

Please send hard copy to: Dr David Beecham, Coventry University, Priory Street, Coventry CV1 5FB or alternatively Email:

FGM NCG reaction to American Academy of Pediatrics' policy statement

May 2010 - Reference: Pediatrics

The FGM National Clinic Group has grave concerns regarding the AAP Bioethics Committee Statement on FGM. Whilst this document sensitively explains the procedures and consequences of FGM, it contains the suggestion that federal law allows paediatricians to perform a “ritual nick” to avoid more extensive FGM in at risk families. This action is being taken at a time when many third world countries are outlawing this practice.

The FGM National Clinic Group opposes FGM in all its guises. FGM is a violent and barbaric procedure leading to significant short and long term health consequences and death in millions of women. Medical practitioners who are complicit in such “ritual nicks” condone and legitimise Female Genital Mutilation. Any genital incision on a child is an assault and the only object of any civilised society is the complete eradication of this practice.

FCO launches FGM awareness campaign

March 2010 - The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has launched an online resource to give guidance when incurring situations surrounding FGM. In addition, a poster and leaflet campaign has been conceived that provides key details as well as challenges existing myths about the practice.

The documents can be downloaded here: FCO Leaflet and FCO Poster.

The FCO is the government body responsible for promoting British interests overseas and supporting their citizens and businesses worldwide. More information about their work can be found here: Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Three organisations launch joint initiative

December 2009 - Three independent charitable organisations - City Parochial Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Rosa (the UK fund for women and girls) have collaborated to establish a new UK-wide £1 million special initiative to fund community-based preventive work to safeguard children from the practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

Click here to read the entire press release on the Esmée Fairbairn website.

Second conference date confirmed

September 2009 - After the success of the last conference, entitled 'Female Genital Mutilation in a Globalized Age' in 2008, the group has decided to host a second event which will be of interest to health professionals, psychologists, sociologists, educationalists and others interested in FGM. The conference is to be held in London on Wednesday 20 January 2010.

Educational DVD in the works

March 2009 - The FGM National Clinical Group is developing an educational DVD for health professionals that explains the procedure for undertaking a reversal operation. This will be launched at the second forthcoming conference in London.