The remit of the FGM National Clinical Group encompasses:

Education & Training

Advocating for FGM to become a part of the core syllabus within the training of midwives, nurses, obstetricians and gynecologists, mental health professionals and health visitors.

UK Specific Literature Revisions

While excellent subject-related content is already available, revisions are necessary for UK training. Such material requires endorsement by the relevant training bodies as well as structural input and wider distribution format creation towards healthcare professionals.

Informed Research Strategy

There is primitive evidence-based research for FGM in the UK. Most work has been focused on obstetric care with little regarding gynaecological and psychological needs. The majority of research has been based in Africa and may not apply to women residing in the UK. Our role is to identify areas for research and then provide a strategic master plan for pursuing such endeavours.

National Clinical Information Centre

Clinical information and support should be easily accessible from across the UK for health professionals, intermediaries and academia. The first phase has been met through the creation of the FGM National Clinical Groupís website and the FGM Resource DVD.

Monitoring & Audit

Implement the necessary procedures to guarantee that work instrumented by the FGM National Clinical Group as well as resultant changes within the NHS are well evaluated.